Current Titleholders


Kimberly Winter

Born on January 3, 2001 in the City of Colon, Province of Panama. His parents Alvin and Dinora de Winter and two Brothers. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honors from the Benigno Jimenez Garay Institute. She is currently studying at the Specialized University of the Americas (UDELAS) in the Bachelor of Psychology. At the age of 13 she begins her preparation as a Model and Miss at the FASHION MODELS Agency, at 15 she is already an Exclusive Model of the best Model Agency in Colon Fashion Models. In 2016, with 15 years, she participates in the Miss Teen Beauty Panama where she remains of VIRREINA and winner of the EXCELLENCE Award.

In 2018 she participates in the Miss Beauty Teen Panama contest, where she wins one of the crowns with Title Miss Beauty Istmeña 2018, giving her the opportunity to represent Panama on the Island of Aruba in the Miss Teen Tourism World 2019. In May 2019, She became Miss Teen Tourism World 2019, an event held on the Island of Aruba, where it is raised with the highest Crown of the contest and with it the awards: Miss Culture, Best Cultural Costume, Miss Elegance, and Best Costume gala.

She has participated in important catwalks such as the FASHION WEEK PANAMA 2019.

Modeling instructor, body image consultant, and ceremony teacher, in addition to the catwalks, likes to read, sports, exercise routines, dance, and pose for photographs.


Nahomy Aguilera

I was born in Lima-Peru on July 27, 1999. Currently, I am studying Makeup, I finished my studies at the "Estella Maris" school from a very young age, I always liked fine arts, dancing, acting and doing a lot of sports. I always got the first place in the Olympics. At 14 years old I joined a dance cast, doing what I am passionate about being with the children and being able to get smiles from them. At the age of 17 I started with the world of Modeling, where I discovered my vocation the catwalks, thus modeling different clothing brands. At 18 I worked as a hostess, since I consider myself an independent person. At the age of 19 I entered the privileged MISS TEEN MUNDIAL PERÚ contest. It was my first contest which I worked hard to win the national crown MISS TOURISM WORLD PERÚ. On May 14 I traveled to Aruba to compete for the coveted title International crown, accompanied by my mother and my aunt. They were beautiful unforgettable days, I gave my all, I set my goal and it always striving for the best. I Represent my beautiful Peru with dedication and effort and was crown MISS TOURISM WORLD 2019. I received also the award Miss Photogenic and Miss Best Typical Costume. My best advice is to set a goal and never give up until you reach them


Miriam Contreras

Aruba🇦🇼 Where I get to call Home.

I was born in Venezuela on June 2nd, 1976, and immigrated Aruba at the age of 9 yrs. Finished my business administration studies, but like most of us, we change carriers on our pads so I'm currently working at our local insurance company for exactly 18 yrs. My hobbies are singing, dancing and the most important sport. (Most of them) I always loved sports especially basketball which I played for 10 years and running which I still do. I never taught in competing in pageants, I rather participate in queen election in carnival time which I did in the past, since I love to dance very much.

In Aug 2014 I represented my beautiful island in the Dominican Republic for Sra Hispanoamericana. Came as 2nd Runner Up. Photogenic. Best Smile and Best Costume. With 4 weeks to prepare myself to compete for Sra Turismo Mundial once again for my island, I was determined and very secure of myself to represent my Island with dignity and so I did. Won Mrs. Photogenic, Best Costume, Mrs. Elegance, Best Dressed, and Mrs. Tourism World 2019.

My advice for all my ladies out there, never let anyone tell you what you CAN'T do, and show what you CAN DO.


Some women feel ignored, underestimated and disrespected because of their age.

Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind.