Meet Nahomy Aguilera

I was born in Lima-Peru on July 27, 1999. Currently, I am studying Makeup, I finished my studies at the “Estella Maris” school from a very young age, I always liked fine arts, dancing, acting and doing a lot of sports. I always got the first place in the Olympics.

At 14 years old I joined a dance cast, doing what I am passionate about being with the children and being able to get smiles from them.

At the age of 17 I started with the world of Modeling, where I discovered my vocation the catwalks, thus modeling different clothing brands. At 18 I worked as a hostess, since I consider myself an independent person. At the age of 19 I entered the privileged MISS TEEN MUNDIAL PERÚ contest.

It was my first contest which I worked hard to win the national crown MISS TOURISM WORLD PERÚ. On May 14 I traveled to Aruba to compete for the coveted title International crown, accompanied by my mother and my aunt. They were beautiful unforgettable days, I gave my all, I set my goal and it always striving for the best. I Represent my beautiful Peru with dedication and effort and was crown MISS TOURISM WORLD 2019. I received also the award Miss Photogenic and Miss Best Typical Costume.

My best advice is to set a goal and never give up until you reach them.